Wherever You Go

...Go with all your heart.
Take a chance.
Do what you want.
Love what you do.
Love the people in your life.
Don't waste time on anything that makes you unhappy.
Live in the moment.
Celebrate life.
Be happy.

No matter what.

St. John's, Newfoundland

Twitter: ShutUpKath3rin3

My name is Katherine. I'm a French major at MUN. I speak fluent French, and a little German. I have tattoos and bright red hair, and I'm a proud Newfoundlander. I'm also a pretty cheerful person. I post things that make me happy, so the best way to get to know who I am is to browse my blog.

Check out my posts, and if any of it interests you, follow me. I blog basically every day, and I'd love to hear from people.
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